Round Bars

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Bars, rolled of forged bar, takes an important part in our stock list.
Gaya carry in stock a lot of diffement alloys to comply with carious demands from all industries,
to machine all forms of precise components, from piping connectors, spray nozzles, bushes,
couplings, and to bolts & Nuts..

  • Austenitic grades 304H, 321H, 347H upto 250mm dia
  • Duplex 2205 10mm dia upto 380mm dia
  • s Duplex 2507 10mm dia upto 280mm dia
  • Super stainless 254, 904L 10mm dia upto 250mm dia
  • 317L upto 200mm dia
  • Alloy 20 & Monal 400 10mm dia upto 200mm dia
  • 625 & 825 upto 200mm dia
  • C276 & C22 upto 200mm dia
  • Cr-Mo alloy steels upto 350mm dia
  • Inconel 718 12.7mm upto 250mm dia
  • Precipitation 630/631/XM-19 steels in major sized
  • Othef alloy e.g. Cu-Ni alloys please contact us